Why do we ask for I-9 documentation during our benefits audit? 

The I-9 form contains information such as birth date, hire date, social security number, address and name.  All this information is relevant to evaluating employee eligibility for benefits.  The I-9 documents all of this information in one place, no scrambling to pull all this information from multiple sources.  When we see documentation that is missing or incomplete we like to let you know.

Why should you be concerned with incomplete or missing I-9 documentation? 

This form is required by U.S. Immigration & Customs to be completed by all new hires to establish the new hire’s identity and their eligibility to work in the United States.  Improperly filled out I-9 forms, even if it is determined that the employee can legally work in the United States, can result in a fine of $1,100.00.  The topic of immigration reform has been in the news lately and the Obama administration has switched the focus from targeting unauthorized workers to the employers that hire them.  This means increased audits by ICE for employers in all industries.  So, check out your hiring practices and make sure this documentation is completed within 3 days of new hires working for pay.